The Geometry of Avebury 2


The image below shows the result of the very first experimental construction I made on the aerial view of the outer stone circle by cycling the straight line of stones in the South West around a circle based on the intersection of this line with the other one shown below (1. top left).  The original line is projected from the point of intersection around the circle (2. top right).  The projection of this line is continued around the circle and meets its start point after five such projections (3. bottom left).  Lines are drawn in between the five points thus created showing a pentagram and pentagon which effortlessly emerged because the angles happened to be right for this (4. bottom right).  This was of course an intriguing surprise.


A2-Book-Page-10a---Geometric-Patterns without text

Geometry of Avebury;  The Pentagram


The next image shows this first experiment followed by three others based on different lines of stones and their points of intersection.  I am printing my proof pages for the book at a much higher resolution than these webpages, and I have left out the explanatory text for the next three diagrams here but they all work on a similar principle and you can zoom in to see more detail.


A2-Book-Page--10c-i-Geometrical-patterns-page-2 without text

The Geometry of Avebury;  Pentagram, Octagon, Heptagon and dodecagon

The Geometry of Avebury 3

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