The Geometry of Avebury 3

All of these drawings are still just a few of the examples; merely the tip of the iceberg, and the very beginning of a long journey into understanding the minds of Avebury’s builders.

Many years of work has gone into this book since 2010 and I am now printing a proof version in A2 format and very fine detail.  It will fully explain my theory concerning the reason it is possible to construct all these regular polygons and what it is that they all really mean.

A2-Book-Page--10f-Geometrical-patterns-2-Recovered without text

The Geometry of Avebury;  13-agram,17-agram, enneagram and 19-agram


The end result will be a work of reference on Neolithic Geometry, where the images above will be shown with much greater clarity and with full explanations.

I believe that the study of this system of Geometry will resurrect a more profound understanding of the proportions and ratios which animate the cosmos than anything which has been seen or understood for millennia – because the relationships can all be seen and experienced and are not just described in terms of numbers.

It will also describe and explain the Avebury Calendar.

If I seem confident about this then it is only because I have discovered and learned to understand things far more wonderful than anything I could ever have invented.  My life has not been easy over the last seven years, but I have learned this fascinating and beautiful geometry from the old masters, the architects of the henge.


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