The Avebury Mechanism

The truth is that the Geometry of Avebury Henge is a great national treasure. We have become used to thinking of it as lost knowledge which would have been somehow cut off from the rest of the wor…

Source: The Avebury Mechanism

4 thoughts on “The Avebury Mechanism

    • Thank you for your link. I enjoyed looking at your site.

      I like your diagram showing the azimuths of the significant sun and moon rises and sets from a central point. This is certainly important to an understanding of its geometry.

      I also concluded that Avebury should be seen in aerial view to make sense of it, although it has to be said that I differ from you (and also from Alexander Thom) in how and where I place the geometric centre of the outer circle. The geometric centre, or as you call it, the practical centre of the outer circle is of course very important to the geometry Avebury, and the fact that there is no surviving marker of it means it is left to our ingenuity to work out where it should be. I follow your reasons for where you conclude that it should be, and I can see how it works for the points that you make. I could also understand Alexander Thom’s reasons for where he placed the centre. I consider both Thom’s and your work to be useful experimental work, and would certainly wish to encourage you to continue.

      I arrived however in a different way at a different geometric centre. I have at least three separate geometric indications (as yet unpublished) which led me to one single centre from which it has been possible to find ratios in the geometry reflecting the real ratios between the orbits of all of the visible planets around the ecliptic, and also ratios which reflect an understanding of the Draconic and Metonic Cycles.

      I have been occupied for the past year with moving back up North to the Scottish border, so my work on this book has been on hold for a while, but I look forward after Christmas to continuing with the editing and printing of over 120 A2 sized pages of clear drawings and specific explanations to back up my claim to have reached an understanding of how this geometrical system actually works. Although I am unlikely to publish any of my actual proofs before all of my drawings and pages are complete, I will still be adding occasional bits of information to this site.

      In the meantime anyone with a serious interest in the geometry of Avebury or other Neolithic sites anywhere in the world is welcome, if they so wish, to post links here to their own insights and theories.

      Real geometry only please! That for the moment is my only condition of approval, regardless of whether or not I think you are right. I am more than happy for discussion or debate to take place on this topic since I consider it a healthy aspect of discovery.


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